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Curbside Appeal

I was around town the other day running errands and was pleased to see our beautiful town was a hive of activity! From people doing yard work to those enjoying a stroll in the park, everyone was outside enjoying the warm air and beautiful sunshine in “Sensational Smiths Falls”. I think it is safe to say spring has arrived! I always find it refreshing the way a few warm days and a little sunshine seems to bring out the best in people and encourage growth. And speaking of growth, that brings me to my next observation, real estate signs, they seem to be popping up everywhere! Spring is a great time to put your house on the market and if it is something you have been thinking about, well, I have a few tips for you!

Curbside Appeal! Most realtors will tell you first impressions are paramount! Whether a potential buyer sees your house online or by strolling past while walking down the street, you want people to take notice and take a closer look.

House exterior—your house will attract more interest if it is tidy and well kept. A few simple things can make a world of difference, like touching up exterior paint and problem areas such as trim, windows, fences, etc. Clean up eavestrough and downspouts. Make sure house numbers are clearly visible and entrances brightly lit. Consider adding a splash of colour to your front door and upgrading door hardware; making your entry a focal point draws people in.

Yard and Driveway—mow the lawn and weed the gardens, a well kept yard says a lot about the rest of the house. Pressure wash driveway and seal cracks. Make sure garbage is tidy and in sealed containers. Potted plants at the entrance have a big impact and are an inexpensive way to add a welcoming touch.

Remember, when you look at your house you see a home filled with memories, when potential buyers look they see your house with all its bumps and warts. You want the viewers to envision themselves living there so don’t forget that how your house presents to others can mean the difference between a potential buyer stopping to look or moving on to the house next door. Give them a reason to look!