Exciting Colour Trends For This Year!

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colortrends 2013Get drenched in the exciting colours this year! Whether you are looking add some bright colors to your home, or make your wardrobe dazzle with hues, you have come to the right place. If you do not want to be left out, get the hot colors of the year into your house and let the magic begin.

The perfect gray, similar to the color of the clouds just before it pours is ‘in’ this season. This is a warm color, and never boring as it may seem! If you look online, you will find a riot of gray shades in jeans, bags, apparel, and many more. You can enjoy the sophistication and simplicity of this awesome color is numerous ways. Gray is definitely here to stay!

Light brown is another raging hue this season, the shade is somewhere between gray and chocolate-brown. It is best described as the brownish gray or grayish brown. You will find this safari taupe hue in the nail polishes, accessories, ready-to-wear clothes and so on. You will also find an abundance of this shade in the furnishing markets. When used in furniture, this classic color gives homes a reclaimed look.

If you love neutrals, then you are on the right track! The various influences on neutral shades are ‘in’ this season. While the whites and off-whites continue to attract homemakers, you may add to it a warm camel shade or a cool flax colors to make it look brighter.

Aquamarine shade is known for its calming and soothing shades. Add some aqua to your house to add s cool effect and evolve the walls. This shade is known to perfectly compliment the lush greens, silvery grays, chocolate, and creamy whites.

Persimmon Orange is a beautiful color that falls between a spice-hued persimmon and juicy tangerine, and it is known to add an ‘energetic vibe’ to the interiors. Orange is used as the ‘signature color’ for key pieces of accessories or furniture. It looks especially dramatic when used amidst all white interiors.

Pink and purple go well with almost any style, any complexion, and any gender. Pink is a soft color and adds warmth to your interiors while purple is a royal color. It looks more mysterious and spiritual when the color is red-based.

Finally, a touch of black is a must when you are designing your interiors or wardrobe. Black brings a sense of gravity and depth. It’s timeless and looks beautiful in all seasons.

Patricia Krotki - Designer, Polcan Design Group 2013

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