It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I got to thinking the other day…now that the glow of the Jack-O-Lanterns have been extinguished and the ghosts and goblins have topped up their sugar reserves for another year, it can only mean one thing…Christmas is coming!

Every year people tell me I am crazy when I get so excited about the festive season, but what is not to love? It is cold outside and warm inside, everything sparkles and looks so pretty, everywhere you go it smells amazing, and people, well, they just seem to be a little bit nicer at this time of year.  Well most people anyway, and for the purposes of this column, I choose to discount any Scrooges out there!

For me, Christmas has always been a special time.  It is a time to spend with friends and family and celebrate the real reason for the season, a time for festivities and food and of course, a time to decorate!  Christmas is the only holiday I know where you get to keep your decorations up for over a month. I think that calls for a little something special!

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive.  When it comes to outdoor holiday decor there are so many beautiful things that you can use to make your home look festive and nature has so much to offer.  Evergreen boughs are a must for your outdoor Christmas decorating and you can get them in all different shades of green depending on your taste.  If you are trying to create a “Traditional” feel, try dark green spruce or cedar.  Sumac and holly berries are a great addition for adding some red to your traditional theme. 

If a “Country Christmas” is more your style, opt for a long needle pine in a smoky silvery-green and try throwing in some apples, cinnamon sticks and plaid ribbon.  If your tastes tend to lean a little more toward the “Contemporary”, try boxwood or holly leaves.  Layer your foliage deeply but embellish lightly for that minimal feel. 
Embellish your fences, gates and banisters with swags of evergreen boughs and top them off with big colourful bows.  Oh, and what would Christmas decorating be without pinecones?  Personally, I like to go in to the bush and gather my own boughs, but they are readily available at your local garden center or grocery store during the Christmas season.

Oh and one last idea for your Christmas decorating, try making festive planters.  Use your flower boxes or planters, bunch white mini lights on the bottom and then fill them with translucent plastic Christmas balls.  Hot glue the balls in random places so they say put.  Dress up your planter by adding random metallic balls or maybe a few glittery plastic snowflakes.  This is a very simple idea that creates a big visual impact!  This also works really well for the moss lined hanging baskets just poke some of the mini lights out through the moss before filling with the plastic balls.  With a dusting of snow your baskets will  look absolutely amazing!

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