Autumn – A Pleasure to the Senses

This is my favourite time of year.  The days are growing shorter, there is a familiar crispness in the air and the last of the brilliant colours of the autumn leaves are blowing down the street preparing the way for Old Man Winter to make his grand return!  As we snuggle in and anticipate the cooler days ahead, our homes become central in our lives and the gathering place for our family and our friends.  Autumn evokes a feeling of nostalgia and an earnest desire to re-connect with family and friends amid the craziness of our busy lives.

If you are like me, you want home décor that will impress, de-stress, and welcome company, a home that exudes comfort and warmth.  Pay attention to the entrance because the entrance to our home after all, is where our guests cross over the threshold into our private lives.

There is a tendency in design to limit our decor to the visual elements or what we can see, but the truth is, good design is a very sensual experience and it involves all of our senses!  When our senses are aroused we create an experience that will be with us for some time to come.  As a young girl I can remember coming home to the smells of baking bread and soup….oh yes, soup.  To this day I still love Dad’s soup.  Strangely enough, it makes me feel safe.

There are many things we can do to create an experiential setting: a rough hewn log table, a tattered braided rug or a sparkling chandelier that casts shadows that dance upon the wall.  A collage of photos depicting loved ones adorning the walls of your entryway becomes the perfect canvas telling a story of the family within.  Baking cookies, burning candles, a basket of fragrant pinecones all provide subtle stimulation to our olfactory system.  Soft playing music or the trickle of a fountain add a soothing sound which disarms our emotions and takes our spirit to a place of relaxation and comfort and adding a basket of soft comfy slippers in various sizes will enchant your guests making them want to come back again and again! Oh and don’t forget the mirror, a must for every entryway!

When our senses are awakened, we remember, sometimes we are not sure what we will remember but, we remember.  One day when you are least expecting it, you may walk into someone’s home greeted by the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie as it wafts past and you will quietly reminisce, thinking, I remember when…

The Harvest season is full of such delights to the senses and always reminds me of just how truly blessed I am, this is why it is my favorite time of year!

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