Design Build

Design-Build is a method of project delivery by which one company (the constant) provides both design and construction services.  There are many benefits to this method of project delivery such as:

Responsibility -The owner looks to a single company responsible for budget adherence, quality control, scheduling, timing, and performance of the project. The results are: clearly defined responsibility, maximum cost control, and immediate attention when issues arise.  The client is provided with a comprehensive view of the project, as opposed to bits and pieces from multiple sources.

Early Estimation of Construction Costs - Construction costs are known far earlier than in other delivery systems.  The company responsible for design phase is also  aware of construction costs  as well as the project budget and is therefore simultaneously designing  and estimating according to the pre-determined budget.  This process permits early change decisions – which have the least impact on overall cost.

Cost and Time Savings – Designers and contractors, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately.  Because design and construction are overlapped, and bidding periods and redesign are virtually eliminated, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced therefore reducing overall cost.  With designers and contractors working together, construction work can begin before the construction documents are fully completed .  Time saved equals money saved.

Reduced Client Administrative Time – During the design and construction phases of the project, the owner is not required to invest time and money in coordinating workers and arbitrating between separate designers and contractors and is able to focus on make important and timely project decisions.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Design-Build method is the reduced stress and peace of mind that comes with knowing you got the best value  for your dollar. Design-Build is easier, more efficient, faster, and less expensive than any other process of facility planning and construction.

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